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Celebrate the Solstice!

Hi everyone!   Join IUE – the Institute of Urban Ecology at Douglas College in the Sol Garden – at a free workshop where you’ll learn about the ecology of native BC plants and their indigenous uses by Aboriginal peoples. This workshop will feature our guest speaker, Lori Snyder, a renowned Aboriginal herbalist. We will also be celebrating National [Continue]

How To Make A Bee Waterer

While bees are busy pollinating our flowers we often forget they need to stay hydrated. A great way to ensure the bees working in your garden stay hydrated is to create a bee waterer. What you need: Pie tin Marbles Water Put the marbles and water in the tin and voila you have a safe [Continue]

Seed Paper Workshop

Are you looking for a creative way to recycle paper? Then the seed paper making workshop is for you. Seed paper is a great gift idea or activity to do with friends and family. During this workshop you will learn how to re-purpose paper in a brand new and sustainable way. The waste paper you [Continue]

Winding Down for the Summer

Hello everyone, It’s that time of year again; UNIBUG is transitioning from our busy, active summer to a busy, active fall. For a few weeks, we’ll be pretty quiet with someone in the office only sporadically. Call or e-mail ahead if you need to get in contact. We really appreciate your patience; we’ll be back [Continue]

More Workshops at the Sol Garden!

Hello everyone! We’re very happy to announce two workshops coming up in the beginning of December. Do you need a creative gift for friends or family? Do you want to learn about food preservation or how to make a creative card or gift tag that won’t end up in the recycling bin? These workshops are [Continue]