Join us tomorrow at the Sol Garden for a Free Workshop!

Hello UNIBUG volunteers and fans (or whatever else you want to call yourself today). We’re back, and our new website will be getting a lot more care and attention than the old!
We’ve moved hosts, so some minor bugs persist – expect things to be changed and tweaked around for a bit. We’ll get it where we want it eventually. In the meantime, check back often and see how it goes. Comments, suggestions or anything else are welcome. Send us an e-mail or get us on Facebook.
To start us up, we’d like to put out that there are still spaces open for tomorrow’s free Compost Workshop! Details and RSVP can be found¬†here. We’ve got plenty of space and our lead is a veritable compost guru who also works with Stanley Park Ecology. Don’t miss out! We hope to see you there, at at more of our upcoming talks, events, and programs. Keep buzzing along.
Cheers – the whole UNIBUG team

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